Indra Rios-Moore writes from the studio

We have received the following updates from Indra who has been in the recording studio with her band the last week:

2We are headed back into the studio in a few short days to add three more tunes to our upcoming release. Thank you all for your wonderful song suggestions a while back!
Thomas Sejthen and Uffe Steen are on their way to L.A. as I type this and we are super excited to see them again and to play with them. I will share more with you all as the days go by. For now, here is a sweet video of Uffe playing a lovely version of « Darn that Dream ». Enjoy! xo2

Photo: Wonderful sound engineer, Lynne Earls, took this last shot of us yesterday afternoon. 4 tunes in the can and ready for mixing. 3 with vocals and one instrumental. I won't say what they were because we still need to see what will end up on the final list, but let's just say that they all sound so lovely that it will be hard to see any of them go. :)</p><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Left to right; Thomas Sejthen (bass), Indra (vocals), Benjamin Trærup Ghebrelul (saxophone), Uffe Steen (guitar), Larry Klein (Producer), and Jay Bellerose (drums).